Idelle Walters

Hi there!
My name is Idelle Walters and I’m currently fundraising for a Discipleship Training School (DTS) with YWAM (Youth With a Mission) Kona. Discipleship Training School is a 5-6 month program that is designed to help you know God and make Him known.

I have felt a call towards missions for a few years now and I believe God has been planting and watering the seeds of me doing something like this and helping to make Him known in the nations for a while now. I am choosing to take this coming season of my life to pursue that. I was first introduced to the idea of YWAM when I was just 13 years old and after that seed was planted, the idea of doing missions with them never left my mind.
These last few months, I have been on track to do a year long teaching credential program and then start a career as a teacher, yet I kept feeling a nudge towards pursuing a DTS instead. I decided to take a step of faith, defer my application to the credential program, and move back home to make myself available for DTS. I’ve decided to consecrate this time to God and his purposes. I know that this will be a very special time in my life and that it will help provide direction for my next steps. I feel a strong passion to reach the lost and to take Jesus to those who might not otherwise hear of Him.

DTS is split into two parts: training phase and outreach phase.
Training phase consists of building Biblical foundations, classroom learning, practical service, local outreach, personal growth, practical training, community living, discipleship, and tracks designed to help you develop your gifts and learn to use them in missions. The track I have chosen is the Messengers track and it is all about preaching the good news and preparing messages to share on outreach. Toward the beginning of the training phase, you have the opportunity to discern through prayer which of the nations you believe God is sending you to and throughout the training phase you intercede for that nation, learn about its cultural and religious context, and prepare with your team.

During the outreach phase, your class is broken into teams and sent out around the world to share the Good News, and meet real and practical needs. You get to put everything you’ve learned into practice, work alongside local believers and share the love of Jesus. I’m excited to see how God moves on outreach and how He uses me to make Himself known!

I know that both the training phase and the outreach phase will be extremely life changing. I’m so excited to step into what I believe the Lord is calling me to. I am currently in the fundraising stage and praying that the Lord provides everything I need to go to YWAM this coming September. The total cost for the DTS is $9,095 to $10,095 (depending on outreach location), which includes everything I will need for the just over five months that I’d be in DTS (all lodging, meals, content, transportation, flights to and from outreach, etc.). I am also setting funds for a couple miscellaneous expenses (paying for cell service while I am not working and flights to and from Kona). Below is what's needed to make this happen. 

What's Needed

These are some of  the deadlines that are  coming up:
Lecture Phase $4,095.00 (Deadline  in 2 months — Sep 18, 2023)
Outreach Phase Deposit $4,000.00 (Deadline  in 4 months — Nov 23, 2023)
Final Payment for outreach phase $1,000.00-$2,000.00 depending on outreach location (Deadline in 5 months- December 28, 2023)
While these numbers can feel intimidating, I am believing that where God guides, He provides. If you feel led to contribute towards my DTS, you can donate by clicking the  link below  and selecting YWAM Kona.
Any donation is deeply appreciated! Prayer is powerful and I invite you to please join me in prayer for this coming season with Youth With A Mission. If you’d like to contact me personally to hear more, my email is idellewalters@gmail.com.
Thank you for taking the time to hear about this amazing opportunity and God bless you!